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Roundtable on Technical Solutions and Market Potential of Infill Wall

Haiyan Zhang

By Haiyan Zhang

Technical Director, Canada Wood Shanghai

October 1, 2014

haiyan-2Canada Wood and FII, supported by MOHURD and the WFC Alliance, in Beijing on Sept. 11th, jointly organized the roundtable seminar. Purpose of this roundtable was to exchange infill wall project experiences, discuss technical solutions on structural safety, fire safety, energy efficiency and durability, and search for project market opportunities as well as promotion strategies.

CW, FII, EW, several builders shared their experiences on infill projects, 11 experts from MOHURD, design institutes, universities, TFRI made comments on technical solutions and market potentials. They suggested developing technical references such as standard design to facilitate design of infill walls in order to get particularly architects’ recognition to the infill system by promotional events.