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Shandong to build tallest wood structure in China

Canada Wood Team

By Canada Wood Team

March 7, 2018

Concept drawing of what may become the tallest wood structure in China.

Dingchi Wood Co of Shandong Province will build a six-story wood building, which will be the tallest wood structure in China.

The 23.55-meter tall building will be built in an industrial park in Penglai City with a total construction area of over 4,800 square meters. Nanjing Tech University will be the designer of the project.

“We believe wood construction has a promising future in China as society becomes increasingly aware of environmental issues,” said Xu Wenhao, president of Dingchi Wood. “Despite the fact that cost of wood construction is over 4,000 yuan (CAD$800) higher per m2 than that of a concrete, we are confident that the difference will shrink as wood construction becomes more popular” Xu added.

Shandong has recently established a provincial wood building industry association and plans to further promote wood construction for public buildings and resort towns.