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SPF Reunion

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

July 4, 2016

spf reunion

Canadian SPF Lumber on display at a Japanese clothing boutique.

A little while back, I made a trip with my wife to her hometown and unannounced to me I did not think this would turn into an SPF reunion. The long weekend getaway was just supposed to be forgetting about work and spent sharing meals and polite conversation with her family, friends and relatives. However on one of the days when my wife arranged to meet with her childhood friend at a nearby shopping mall, it quickly became quite a wonderful reunion. As we wondered the mall, out of the corner of my eye I was very surprised and I must say somewhat pleased to spot a boutique clothing store in the shopping center was displaying some SPF dimension lumber right out front, smack dab and centre. I mean, I know that it can be used that way, but usually whenever I see a stick of our wood on a site, I usually see the lumber ending up buried in the wall, floor or ceiling of the project. However this time it was not the case and with a smile I discretely pulled out my smartphone to snap a few photos of a children’s clothing shop proudly displaying beautiful Canadian SPF dimension lumber product in a unique and creative way as you can see.