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Successful demonstration of 6 storey wood in-fill office building will boost new market opportunity

Tae Hwang

By Tae Hwang

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

May 29, 2017

Canada Wood Korea demonstrated the merits of wood applications in mid-rise commercial buildings in Korea with a unique 6-storey commercial demonstration project designed by the wood champion Mr. H.W. Lee of Kwangjang Architects who has contributed greatly to expansion of Korea wood frame housing by creating “Peanut (duplex) House”.

The intricate design is only feasible because of the use of wood in-fill walls and wood roofs on each floor. Canada Wood Korea provided technical support to the demonstration project; developing the details for wood in-fill walls, connections and framing layout plans. Wood framing (exterior wood in-fill walls, interior frames and ceilings) is complete and uses Canadian SPF lumber and OSB. The project garnered media interest and it is anticipated that it will boost the acceptability of wood in-fill walls in both residential and commercial buildings.