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Sunny Sunny Picnic Cafe

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

March 9, 2016

12744665_526680274179930_4844357895338401697_nI suggest the next time you are in Tokyo to check out the Sunny Sunny Picnic Cafe. It is a cozy little place which is totally geared to rest and relaxation – mind, body, spirit and soul. One weekend, a friend and I stumbled upon it in the heart of Tokyo, where you are probably least expected to find it. The cafe is located in the legendary Nihonbashi district which has emerged as Tokyo’s (and Japan’s) predominant financial hub, so it is surprising to find such a place like this located in the midst of all the hustle and bustle there, or perhaps maybe not… You see the concept for this cafe is not just about getting a caffeine injection, but total relaxation – you can even lay down and go to sleep!! Yes that’s right, I said “sleep”. So if it’s been one of those days where you are looking to escape from the concrete jungle and count some sheep go up to the second floor and catch forty winks. The second floor of this little java joint is built mainly out of SPF & Canada Tsuga lumber and finished in artificial turf and looks more like a putting green than a coffee shop, but is actually filled with various cushions and cozy blankets to have a little snooze and catch 11223921_433674850147140_3103630691480122129_nsome zzz’s. And if you are not that drained, you can just hang out and read a book, or even as the cafe’s name suggest have a little picnic (order sandwiches and drinks from the menu) and relax in one of their lawn chairs. This is definitely a great place to decompress and unwind in the heart of Tokyo. The owner got it right and even used Canadian Wood!!