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The Fast Development of WFC in Xinjiang

Leonard Mao

By Leonard Mao

SPF Manager

November 1, 2012

With the support of local government and Canada Wood, Xinjiang Jichen Wood Structure Construction Co. Ltd. substantially grew in 2012. The company completed the sale of a WFC project for 200 million RMB in Xinjiang and has recently signed another contract in Hainan for 40 million RMB. There is also potential for a project in Yunnan for Xinjiang Jichen Wood Structure Construction Co. Ltd. In Beitun, north of Xinjiang, the company is working on a significant wood frame construction village project comprising stores, restaurants, villas, offices, hotels and reroofing projects that totals 200,000 m3. To date, Jichen has finished 24,000 m3 on this project and has estimated it will take approximately three years to complete. Jichen is also known for building the largest row house in China comprising more than 800 metres long with 46 units. Their housing projects are scattered throughout the northern part of Xinjiang, however, it is difficult to measure their success by units because they have erected houses from 20 m3 to nearly 2,000 m3. During the peak construction period they had employed 1,000± workers for their projects and consumed a significant amount of SPF product and exterior and interior sidings. It was noted that they used approximately 30,000 m3 in 2012 so far. Canada Wood held a seminar in February in Xinjiang, where more than 100 developers and government officials attended. Canada Wood also held a two week long training program for Jichen’s project managers, workers and designers. We have seen immense progress made by Mr. Chen and his team from Jichen Company in 2012.