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The Times They Are A-changin

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

August 5, 2016

Senior Business Market Magazine - July, 2016 (Pages 20 & 21)

Senior Business Market Magazine – July, 2016 (Pages 20 & 21)

It is great to see other non-wood related industries picking up on the wood building theme. In the not so recent past, except for wood related ones, most major related magazines in Japan very rarely reported on designing or building large structures with wood and the ones that did were mostly architectural or design related industry publications. And since these professional publications are geared to architects and designers, most of the content focused on reinforced concrete and massive steel high rise building – alas a self-fulfilling information hype-loop. So when you see major publication in Japan now tooting the benefits of building wooden structures in this country, everyone sits up and takes notice.  A recent great example of this was a major senior’s magazine in Japan releasing a feature publication in July titled “Why Wood – The Possibilities of Seniors Housing and Elderly Care Facilities”. The feature issue consisted of six articles focusing on wood frame construction – including four recent project examples of medium and large 2×4 seniors’ facilities that were built in Japan last year. The publication even went so far as introducing midply wall system and making it the feature photo in the magazine. Yes, it looks like ”The Times They Are A-changin” – just like Bob Dylan said they would.