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The wooden ‘footbridge’ in Panmunjom

Canada Wood Team

By Canada Wood Team

May 30, 2018

A bridge is a structure that connects the lands separated by a geographical obstacle such as a stream, canyon, etc. Bridges often signify connection, exchange, reunion, and mediation. The blue footbridge in Panmunjom, which was one of the meeting locations during the latest Korean summit talk, generated significant media attention as a dramatic symbol representing the historic political event.

Last April, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, well-known to the world for his enthusiasm for developing nuclear warheads and missiles, crossed the military demarcation line to visit the South Korean president Moon Jae-in for the summit talk. And in the middle of all these, there was ‘the footbridge.’ The two leaders walked along the footbridge unaccompanied to further discuss the future of the Korean peninsula.

Although the footbridge had been built a long time ago, an extension was constructed for the event by the well-known South Korean construction firm ’Nae Woe C&D.’ Nae Woe C&D is a member of KWCA(Korea Wood Construction Association) which is the most closest cooperative organization of Canada Wood Korea office. As per the person concerned, it took 2 weeks for the whole construction and used Red Pine treated lumber. The blue color in which the wooden bridge is painted signifies that the structure is under control of the UN forces. Preparing for the summit talk, the bridge was extended to connect to the sign of the demarcation line.

The summit talk was an unlikely event that reminded me of the warm aesthetics which wood material has to offer.

‘Wood is Good’. This very simple and obvious message is the motto in the Canada Wood Korea office. Tides seem to be turning in favor of lasting peace in the Korean peninsula since the two leaders chatted on the wooden ‘footbridge’. We are optimistic that good things are about to happen in the Korean wood industry, too.