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Three segments into one, a new design concept of the Yeomchi Residence attracting homeowners

Sunny Kim

By Sunny Kim

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

May 2, 2018

Three different segments

Many architects who participated in the Advanced Technology Construction Training programs in Canada and missions hosted by Canada Wood Korea returned to Korea after exploring wood construction sites and buildings in Canada. They are now actively engaging in wood construction designs in Korea.

Mr. Nam-ho Cho, CEO of Soltos Architects, is one of such architects. He is one of the most well- known wood champions in Korea who even received the presidential design award.

The Yeomchi Residence that Mr. Cho recently designed is a combination of small detached buildings divided into three segments and each segment has different function and can be combined into a one single house as well.

Main segment with master living and bed area

In addition, the yard that surrounds these structures open up to the Yeomchi Reservoir to create a visually vast outer space.

Mr. Cho stated that “The structure of the Yeomchi Residence was developed based on combination of light-weight wood frame construction with heavy timber construction and steel frame construction focusing the high efficiency of light-weight wood frame construction benefited from the traditional bearing wall system and the versatility of space design of heavy timber construction. The two construction methods have different principles of structural analysis and so detailed adjustments were essential during the design process.

Supplementary segments for guests and library

In order to supplement the characteristics of heavy timber construction that is weak against lateral force, an invisible steel framed hybrid structure was used.”

The Yeomchi Residence was awarded in the Completed Work Category of the 2016 Korea Wood Design Awards which has been sponsoring by Canada Wood since 2006.