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Timber structure design competition seeks entries

Kajia Deng

By Kajia Deng

July 4, 2018

Canada Wood China has again teamed up with university partners to hold a timber structure design competition this June as a part of continuous efforts to inspire interest in wood frame construction among future professionals.

The 3rd Chinese University Timber Structure Design Competition is being organized by the national advisory committee of civil engineering, along with support from CW China, Harbin Institute of Technology and Northeast Forestry University.

This year’s task is to design a wooden frame gate entrance to a scenic site in order to highlight the green building concept.

At least 17 universities have signed up for the competition, including top institutions such as Tsinghua, Tongji and Shanghai Jiaotong. The University of British Columbia and University of Canterbury will also work with local schools for the competition.

All participants can submit their design works to or before September 8, 2018.

The competition aims to raise the understanding of wood and bolster creativity in project design among talented future professionals.

Canada Wood China has been offering support to the program since 2016.