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Update on Quality Support services to Jinqiao Townhouses Demonstration Project

Canada Wood Team

By Canada Wood Team

October 1, 2012

Framing is complete on all units, exterior decoration is mostly complete and interior decoration has now begun.  Workmanship on the framing and exteriors is for the most part satisfactory, and there are no major outstanding issues.  There had been a long standing question concerning the fire control measures in the attics, however that has now been addressed with the installation of sprinklers in all attic spaces.  Sprinklers have officially be added to the design drawings by the DI and the cost will be covered by the developer.  The air-tight drywall in the net-zero energy demo building has been completed satisfactorily, however because of the choice of windows and doors it is extremely unlikely that the building will meet the blower door test requirements.  The ERV (energy recovery ventilators) have also been installed and are awaiting balancing and testing.