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Waving the 2×4 Flag

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

November 6, 2017

We now have a new “2×4 Promotional Banner” thanks to a forward-thinking company named Panel House, located in Koichi City, Shikoku Japan. COFI Tokyo staff was contacted by the company two months ago, wanting to add an advertisement banner link to their company’s website and receive a DVD copy of our Three Little Pigs 2×4 aminations episodes, to promote the benefits of building and living in a 2×4 house to their customers. Then a couple days later, they had another request for us to supply them with our end user promotional pamphlet based on the Three Little Pigs 2×4 amination series for an upcoming local housing fair in Kochi the last week in October, but their request did not stop there. In Japan, it is very popular to have banners called “Nobori”. They are long, narrow flags, attached to a pole with a cross-rod to hold the fabric straight out and are a common sight outside businesses, restaurants, and retail stores where they advertise a sale, a new product, and simply the name of the business. For Japanese housing companies, these nobori are very popular item, used to promote company’s brands and products at job sites, show homes and housing fairs. When Panel House asked us for a nobori for our Three Little Pigs 2×4 Campaign, we had to unfortunately tell them we did not have such an item. However, the company was so keen on the idea that they decide to make one up on their own, based on the electronic data from the front of our end user pamphlet, which we had, they made this into a “2×4 Promotional Banner” as shown in the photo. This is a wonderful example of the grass root work our organization and staff does with local companies in Japan to expand plat form frame construction in Japan. Big thanks go to all the staff at Panel House in Kochi for raising and waving the 2×4 flag!!!