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WFC Practical Training Workshop

Tae Hwang

By Tae Hwang

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

August 12, 2015

CAN-KOR Wood Festival 2015, with Inha University architecture students not only train them on WFC, but also brings joy to toddlers housed in an orphanage

Group photo taken at the donation ceremony

Group photo taken at the donation ceremony

Inha University’s architecture students have started to work on the design of multi-level deck structure with vertical walls and a tower specifically for toddlers and pre-schoolers housed in an orphanage on which they can play and rest since April 2015. The talent donation project, titled as ‘The GIFTs’, is the second one following last year’s and, thus, ‘Two’ has been added.

Children playing on the deck and climbing walls

Children playing on the deck and climbing walls

The project, not only train future architects on proper design and use of wood in WFC, but also showcase proper use of SPF dimension lumber in exterior applications. All the members of the deck were incised, pre-cut,-notched and -drilled, pressure treated and dried twice to meet H3 (Above Ground) Korean use category, and installed at the site to ensure durability and safety of the deck.

Pine Tree Home is a child care institution housing more than 80 children up to 18 year old at Bupyeong, Incheon city. Inha University’s Department of Architecture plans to donate their talents and labour for all 10 orphanages in the area with custom designed wood structures.