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Wood Future

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

February 1, 2016

futureNow that the turkey has been carved and the tree put away as another Christmas has come and gone, what will this New Year be like!? Well it is hard to say right now with the recent turmoil in the world’s stock markets and it’s any ones guess, but in Japan since the IOC made the decision that Tokyo will be hosting the summer Olympics in 2020, construction costs have increased across the board and it is expected that this trend will continue in the near future. To prepare for various Olympic venues etc., the costs of steel and concrete construction has risen in this country and we are clearly seeing more interest in wooden construction and one can also expect to see more and more demand for medium and larger Two-by-Four wooden buildings, not only for care facilities but other types of buildings as well, as owners and operators are looking at ways of reducing construction costs and keeping project budgets in line. In addition to reducing projects building costs, there is also a movement around the world that has also taken a good foot hold in Japan to reposition wooden buildings and construction materials as one of the ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which has had such a negative impact on our environment and contributed to climate change and global warming. As we all know, Japan has great wood infrastructure and culture, so my guess is that this country will continue to develop its “wood working” vision beyond the boundaries of the traditional market of housing and lead the way forward by developing bigger and better wooden buildings and structures for its society – leading us to a great wood future!!