18Th Collective Agreement Bcgeu

(b) the recognised Union insignia shall bear the name `bcgeu`; The designation shall be affixed, at the employee`s option, to a stenographer typed by a member of the union. This designation shall be affixed to the initials of the signatory of the typed correspondence. 2. Where the proposed amendment is made within existing business hours, no amendment shall be made without the mutual consent or decision of the arbitrator. (c) Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted as meaning that a person who was a worker before 8 March 1974 shall be required to become a member of the Union. (11) “deputy minister” means the deputy minister or head of a department within the meaning of this Agreement; (3) `basic salary` means the rate of remuneration negotiated by the Parties to this Agreement, including the wage supplement resulting from the protection of salary; Employees are entitled to coverage for short-term illness and injury as well as for long-term disabilities in accordance with the agreed regulations, which will be reviewed and revised during the period of this Agreement through negotiations between the parties and will be included in Schedule 4 – Short and Long Term Disability. (2) an indication of the statutes or clauses of the Agreement that have been violated or allegedly violated and the necessary remedies or corrections; and (4) if the parties are unable to reach an agreement within 14 days, either party may refer the matter to a working time arbitrator on the appropriate form through the union or the British Columbia Public Service Organization. (c) During the first six months of continuous employment, a worker may, by mutual agreement at the local level, take the leave he deserves. (j) The complainant may not be relocated without his consent. (a) Within 21 days of receipt of the complaint in Stage 2, the representative designated by the employer to deal with the complaints in Stage 2 and the designated union representative shall meet to investigate the facts and nature of the complaint and attempt to resolve the dispute. Such a meeting may be waived by mutual agreement.

(6) The parties agree that Xxxx Xxxxx or another arbitrator will be appointed as an arbitrator under this pilot project and, unless otherwise agreed, the hearings will be held in Vancouver. The arbitrator shall transmit the award in writing to the parties within 60 days of the conclusion of the arbitration hearing. All arbitral awards shall be final and binding on the parties, but in no event shall the arbitrator have the power to amend, modify or supplement this Agreement in any respect. (a) In order to be entitled to maternity, parenting, performance leave and/or pre-adoption benefits in accordance with Articles 21.4, 21.5, 21.6 and/or 21.7, the worker must sign an agreement under which he or she will return to work and remain in the service of the employer for a period of at least six months or a period equivalent to that taken. depending on what is longer, after they return to work. (b) where the work schedule or shift of a regular or auxiliary worker working on a regular work schedule is changed without 48 hours` notice and the change results from the actions of another employee covered by this Agreement who benefits from the benefits provided for in the provisions of this Agreement, the employee will receive a bonus of 85¢ in addition to his or her regular salary. per hour for work done in the first shift he performed. No employee covered by this Agreement is required or authorized to enter into any written or oral agreement with the Employer or its representatives that may conflict with the terms of this Agreement. (c) Employees who are required to be on hold under paragraph (a) above do not need to be available for two consecutive weekends or two consecutive paid holidays, unless mutually agreed.

This provision does not apply in emergency situations. The Union acknowledges that the management and direction of employees in the collective bargaining unit remains the property of the Employer, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement. The decision of the majority is the decision of the committee. In the absence of a majority vote, the decision of the Chairperson shall be the decision of the Committee. The decision of the arbitral tribunal shall be final, binding and enforceable by the parties. The Commission has the power to resolve a complaint of exemption or discipline under any agreement it deems fair and equitable. However, the Board of Directors is not authorized to change, modify or supplement this Agreement or its terms or the provisions of the Component Agreements. (a) The parties shall meet every four months or as often as necessary to consider outstanding claims submitted to arbitration in order to determine by mutual agreement the appropriate claims for this process and shall determine the dates and venues for the hearing of the panels of claims deemed appropriate for expedited arbitration.

(g) Where several ministries occupy a joint body, a committee composed of several ministries may be established by mutual agreement. If no consensual agreement can be reached, either party may refer the matter to the Provincial Joint Committee on Occupational Health and Safety established under clause 22.2 for resolution. Whenever the singular is used in this Agreement, it shall be construed as a plural if the context so requires, unless expressly stated otherwise. (d) workers who are subject to flexible working hours and/or modified weekly working arrangements and who, on their own initiative, choose to start their shift at a time which would entitle them to a shift bonus shall not be entitled to the bonus. Employees who are required to start their shift at a time that would entitle them to a shift bonus in accordance with the above provisions will receive the corresponding bonus. Employment Insurance is granted for the duration of this Agreement to regular and auxiliary workers who, if employed by a private employer, are entitled to such coverage under the provisions of the Employment Insurance Act. (4) “Child” – whenever the word “child” is used in this Agreement, it is deemed to be a xxxx of the Director of Child Protection or a child of a spouse; (c) The trade union and the employers` representatives on the Committee shall have the power, by mutual agreement, to waive any part of article 13 if they consider it just and equitable, provided that such waiver is also made with the consent of the worker requesting mediation through the Joint Committee. .