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2×4 Quasi-Fireproof Building (1,300 m²) Under Construction

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

May 29, 2012

Photo showing persons involved in the Mantenshiotsu Nursing Home project and the building under construction.

A large two storey wooden elderly care project, Nursing Home Mantenshiotsu is currently under construction in Shiga Prefecture. The new facility plans to open on July 3rd of this year and was constructed using the quasi-fireproof 2×4 construction method. Upon completion, this nursing home will house and care for 29 seniors in the area, with a total floor area of approximately 1,300 m², consuming approximately 230 m³ of SPF dimension lumber in the construction of the facility. This project was designed by Fujita Architectural Design Office and the general contractor for the project is Uchida Construction Company. Again as we have seen in past elderly care project examples, this is the first time that the owner, architect firm and construction company have been involved in the planning, designing and construction of a 2×4 building for this purpose. The structural framing package for the project was supplied by SHIGAWOOD, a local 2×4 panel company located in Shiga Prefecture, a first for them as well. The facility is owned and managed by Shinai Social Welfare Corporation, whose director and section chief joined COFI’s Elderly Care Tour Mission to Canada in 2010.