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2017 Annual Joint Working Committee Meeting with China MOHURD

Lance Tao

By Lance Tao

July 26, 2017

Discussion on Annual JWC Meeting

The annual Joint Working Committee (JWC) meeting was held on June 2, 2017 in Huailai, Hebei Province under the MOU framework between NRCan, BC MoFLNRO and MOHURD for cooperation on modern wood construction technology signed on December 2, 2015.

Representatives of MOHURD’s Department of S&T and Energy Saving on Buildings, Department of Planning, Finance and Foreign Affairs, Department of Standard and Quota, Centre of Science and Technology & Industrialization Development, Canada Wood China, and China Modern Wood Structure Construction Technology Industry Alliance attended the meeting.

The meeting attendees reviewed the progress and status of cooperation work under the MOU for the past year, and identified areas for further cooperation.

Group photo of meeting attendees

The main focus of the meeting was to review and discuss the joint work plan of 2017. The JWC Secretariat introduced the work areas set forth for 2017, followed by an interactive discussion from the participants on specific work items. Each participant shared their ideas and comments and gave their respective suggestions for future cooperation.

The JWC meeting concluded with the consensus on the planned work tasks in the joint working plan which will provide a guideline for the JWC work for 2017.  We can provide the Joint Working Plan for anyone interested in seeing it.