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71 Million Visitor’s Hotel Stays in Japan

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

March 18, 2017

World Famous Scramble Intersection in Shibuya, Tokyo

The Japan Tourism Agency reported the estimated number of hotel stays by visitors to Japan hit 70.88 million in March, 2017.  This represents an 8 percent increase from the previous period and a new record for overseas travelers hanging their hats at hotels in Japan. Currently, foreign visitors account for 14.3 percent of the total 494.18 million hotel stays reported for the period, which also takes into account of the number of Japanese guests staying at hotels. The growth in the number of visitors staying at hotels in this country can be attributed to the great success that the Japanese government is having in attracting overseas travelers to spend time here, which saw 24 million tourist visit Japan in 2016, also a new record for the country. In addition, the agency reported a favourable trend, and what I think is very good news for our industry, that hotel stays in places outside the three major metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya increase by 13.2 percent, which clearly outstripped the 4.8 percent increase that was realized for these three metro areas. This will certainly increase the demand for lodging in the local regions of Japan, where land prices tend to be cheaper, making the building of low and medium-rise wooden hotels and resorts more competitive, compared to the way most of these buildings are currently being constructed in this country.