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Accreditation of Five Fire Resistant Construction and Two Sound Insulation Certificates Extended Five Years until 2023

Tae Hwang

By Tae Hwang

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

October 9, 2019

Canada Wood Korea, in collaboration with USG Boral Korea, one of the largest plasterboard manufactures in Korea, has successfully extended the accreditation of one-hour fire-rated wood-frame assemblies, including one floor/ceiling, one exterior wall and four party walls, and two sound insulation construction of two party wall assemblies.

For the extension of the five FR assemblies, the fire-resistant testing was exempt, as the assemblies are listed in the Korea Standards KS F1611-1, Fire resistance performance for elements of building construction Part 1: Wall, floor and roof assemblies of light-frame wood structures. The extension of sound insulation certificates of the two party wall assemblies necessitated four performance tests, twice for each type of wall, and were conducted at the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province.

For the testing, plasterboards were produced under the supervision and inspection of KICT’s accreditation team. Other materials for building test specimens such as SPF lumber, fiberglass insulation, RC channels and others were donated by the Korea Wood Construction Association (KWCA) and its member companies such as NShome.

All of seven FR and SI construction certificates including specifications for materials and construction can be downloaded from CWK’s web site: