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Agricultural Building Boom

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

July 25, 2018

An encouraging trend that we have seen taking place for our industry, is an increase in the number of agricultural building going up in Japan. As other developed countries around the world have done, Japan’s farm industry is consolidating and family farms, once the back bone of this industry, are being uprooted and replaced by larger agribusinesses and farm cooperatives. This, and an increasing trend to build clean and green in Japan, has resulted in a lot more of these types of buildings being constructed in wood, and Canadian dimension lumber is well positioned to take advantage of this expanding opportunity with our strategic alignment with nail plate truss technology. On a recent trip to Hokkaido, I was able to view one of these new projects being built just outside a small town located on the northern town named Haboro. The project is for farm livestock company – breeding and raising pigs for pork production. At this site, the company had committed to building four pig barns using wood, each roughly 20 m wide and over 100 m in length. One of these building will typically consume approximately 150 m³ of SPF dimension lumber, not to mention about another 20 m³ of other structural lumber. Note this does not include roof or wall sheathing for the barn. Saijo Sango is supply and building the wood structure and Iwakura the SPF nail plate roof trusses used in the project.