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Beijing National Building Material tests the modular home business

Jason Li

By Jason Li

Project manager, Canada Wood Beijing

July 5, 2012

Canada Wood representatives visited the BNBM factory in Suzhou on June 7th. BNBM is a subsidiary corporation under CNBM, which is China’s largest importer and distributor of Canadian lumber. Although BNBM is a subsidiary under CNBM, its business scope covers a wide range of products, including concrete planks, insulation materials, precast exterior panels, and prefab steel frame houses.

BNBM’s has been researching the wood frame construction (WFC) market for a couple years and has begun to identify niche opportunities for themselves. BNBM will establish an independent company for WFC projects.

BNBM established a pre-fab facility in late 2011 that can manufacture wood frame roof trusses and is exploring the possibility of manufacturing modular houses. These modular houses are a rather new concept in China, and BNBM seeks to take advantage of the immature market by first introducing these modular homes as a solution to temporary tourist accommodations.