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Beyond Residential Housing

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

June 5, 2015

Photo at Kyowa Corporation Seniors Workshop on May 16th

Photo at Kyowa Corporation Seniors Workshop on May 16th

Kyowa Corporation, a construction company based in Aichi prefecture, sponsored a senior’s workshop on designing and constructing elderly care facilities in platform frame construction in Nagoya on May 16th in hopes to expand its business opportunities beyond residential housing. As COFI’ Japan office has been doing a lot of important work in this particular market segment, it was invited to participate and deliver a presentation at the workshop on “2×4 Elderly Care Facilities” along with representatives of the Canadian Consulate in Nagoya who spoke on Canada’s world leading forest practices and sustainable lumber supply. The half-day event attracted 26 participants representing social welfare and medical corporations as well as facility designers and developers. COFI Tokyo’s Kevin Bews gave a one hour presentation at the event highlighted the benefits of building with the 2×4 construction method and introducing thirty-six leading fireproof and quasi-fireproof senior care facilities that have been constructed in this country over the past few years.