Highlights from Canada Wood’s Participation at 2022 Guangzhou CIFF

By: Lance Tao

Export Development Program, Canada Wood Group

On July 27, Canada Wood China (CW China) in partnership with two influential associations, the Shanghai Wood Industry Association and the Guangdong Wood Industry Association, organized a seminar on the theme of “Canadian Wood and Guangdong Wood Markets” at the 49th China International Furniture Fair (CIFF). The event was supported by Quebec Wood Export Bureau and Forest Economic Advisors.

Launched in 1998 with 384 exhibitors, an exhibition space of 45,000 square meters and the attendance of more than 20,000 buyers, CIFF has been successfully held for 45 sessions and offers the world’s most preferred one-stop trading platform for product launches, domestic sales and international trade in the furnishing industry.

Zhou Fayang, President of Guangdong Wood Industry Association, delivered opening remarks that highlighted that cooperation between associations can play a leading role in actively promoting the growth of the wood industry. Following the opening speech, Wu Suping, Secretariat of Guangdong Wood Industry Association presented an analysis of trends in the Guangdong wood markets. She noted that shipping logistics, the pandemic, real estate, geopolitics, and disruptions in global supply have had a big impact on the industry, making it challenging for companies to maintain profitability. Despite these difficulties, she emphasized that Guangzhou province maintained a leading role in wood manufacturing and consumption market, with the strongest domestic consumer market for household goods and furniture.

Alex Wu, Senior Manager of Business Development of CW China, gave a presentation on the theme of “Canadian Forestry and Wood Species” to introduce how Canada’s sustainable forest responsible programs can protect the environment, promote Canadian wood species and explain the Canadian Wood trial program.

The Senior Manager of Business Development of CW China, Alex Wu, presented on the Canadian Sustainable Forest Management System and Canadian hemlock.

Then, Li Zhonghu, Marketing Director of Quebec Wood Export Bureau, Jane Guo from Forest Economic Advisors and Li Peixin, Marketing Director of the Shanghai Wood Industry Association gave their insights on the topic of Quebec hardwood, market positioning of North American coniferous sawn timber in China and the current situation of the Chinese wood market.

Through the success of this event, CW China strengthened its partnership with the Shanghai Wood Industry Association and the Guangdong Wood Industry Association. The team had the chance to reach new potential customers in the Guangdong region, including lumber traders, manufacturers and builders.

Jane Guo from Forest Economic Advisors presented on the market positioning of North American coniferous sawn timber in China.

On the day after promotional seminar, Shanghai Wood Industry Association invited CW China and some key industry partners for a roundtable meeting to discuss the fluctuations in global and domestic wood markets. Between currency fluctuations, the price of energy and macro-economic challenges, the flows of international trade have become increasingly volatile. There is no doubt that China remains an important and promising market for wood companies, but as with all industries, it takes careful planning to navigate short term disruptions.

Roundtable discussion with lumber traders and industry partners on July 28, 2022.

Li Peixin, Marketing Director of Shanghai Wood Industry Association explained that the impact of COVID-19 restrictions have reduced local demand in the Chinese market, so it is necessary for peers to brainstorm and explore new applications for wood. He suggested that during the show it was noteworthy that furniture with innovative designs received the most attention from exhibitors and visitors. Expectations for good design are still essential to consumption and the transformation of the industry. The CW China team expressed that in response to market trends in the Chinese market, the “Canadian Hemlock” branding campaign was launched in 2021, to create a brand image for a Canadian species of wood and improve the effectiveness of marketing communications and grow consumer interest. At the same time, the CW China booth at the trade show has also changed from the raw material area to the furniture area, directly facing end consumers to better promote and publicize solid wood furniture.

CW China will continue to work closely with industry partners to overcome the current market challenges. For peers in the wood industry, one key to surviving in a constantly evolving world is the multipurpose, modern, renewable nature of wood materials!

The full list of speakers and their presentation topics of July 27’s seminar includes:

  • “Guangdong Wood Market Trend” by Wu Suping, Secretariat of Guangdong Wood Industry Association
  • “Overview of Canadian Forestry and Wood Species” by Alex Wu, Senior Manager of Business Development of CW China
  • “Introduction of Quebec Wood” by Li Zhonghu, Marketing Director, Quebec Wood Export Bureau
  • “Market Positioning of North American Coniferous Sawn Timber in China” by Jane Guo from Forest Economic Advisors
  • “Introduction and Analysis of the Application Scenarios of Wood in the Chinese Market” by Li Peixin, Marketing Director, Shanghai Wood Industry Association