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1st AGM of the China Modern Wood Structure Construction Technology Industry Alliance

Leonard Mao

By Leonard Mao

Business Development Director

October 30, 2013

Remarks From Minister Steve Thompson

Remarks From Minister Steve Thompson

This 1st AGM of the Alliance took place in Beijing on October 24th, with over 300 delegates attended the meeting.  The subject of the meeting was Modern WFC and New Green Building technology. Key participants included Mr. Han Aixing, Deputy Director General of the Science & Technology Department of MOHURD, along with the Chair of the Alliance, B.C. Minister Steve Thomson, Natural Resources Canada Director General Glenn Mason, B.C. forest industry executives and the Presidents of BC FII and the Canada Wood Group.

After reviewing the activities of the Alliance in its first year of operations, 16 other speakers presented on different topics in WFC industry, such as construction, design, materials, coating and issues in WFC industry currently, and the future development direction of WFC industry. Kevin Bews of Canada Wood Japan and Tae Ik Hwang gave presentations about similar associations in Japan and South Korea so that Alliance members could learn from best practices in those countries.