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China policy report

China Policy Report 2021 Issue 1

This Policy Briefing is developed by FII(Forestry Innovations Investment) China to provide an update to Canadian stakeholders on China’s current economic situation, policies and government directions relating wood, construction and… more

South Korea Economy and Housing Market Update for 2020

2020 South Korea Economy:
The South Korean economy suffered a 1.1% retreat in 2020, marking the sharpest contraction since the 1997 financial crisis.
Exports fell by 7.2% YOY to $516.6 billion while imports dipped 8.8% to $434.7… more

Recovering Wood Single-Family Housing Market in Korea

In Korea, the most important segment for Canadian wood products such as SPF dimension lumber and wood-based structural panels is the single-family housing market, and it seems the downward slide from its peak in 2016 has finally bottomed… more

Addressing Noise Complaints in Apartments

Recently, KBS and SBS, South Korea’s two top television networks aired features about finding fundamental solutions for unwanted inter-floor noise.
With more than 85% of residents in and around Seoul living in apartments, disputes… more

2020 Year End Housing and Non-Residential Starts Report

December total housing starts fell 9.0% to 65,643 units. Owner-occupied housing managed a slight 2.4% gain, however, rental housing posted 11.5% decline. The mansion condominium market plunged 31.3%. Wooden housing totalled 40,207 units… more

Wood Industry Article on All about COFI/Canada Wood

“Wood Industry” is a monthly magazine published by the Wood Technological Association of Japan, with the nominal circulation of 1,200.  Initially issued in 1946, this magazine is highly authorized in the wood industries and timber… more

Taking the Midrise Wood Challenge – STARTS CAM

Starts Construction and Asset Management (STARTS CAM) is a real estate brokerage and property development company that provides planning proposals for land assets, design and construction of rental residential properties, tenant office and… more

Removing Barriers to Tall Wood Building In South Korea

In July 2020, South Korea’s government adjusted its building code to abolish the height and floor area limits on wood buildings. As such, both the government and the building industry now recognize larger, taller wood buildings as viable… more

China Economy Update

China Economic Update 2020 Q4

China’s gross domestic product (GDP) expanded 6.5% year-on-year in Q4 2020, following 4.9% growth in the third quarter. Despite a complicated year with all the implications of COVID-19, China’s economy ended in remarkably good shape… more