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Workshop Proves Popular in Okinawa

On July 29th, Canada Wood Japan-based staff held a Canadian Structural Wood Products Technical Workshop in Naha with a new local customer, Edge Co., Ltd., to introduce and promote the platform frame construction method and Canadian… more

Natori City Commemorates Canadian Tsunami Relief Effort

In these challenging times of global pandemic and rising geopolitical tensions, it’s nice to come across a good news story that celebrates the friendship and bonds between nations. To wit, the Japanese Post Office has recently issued a… more

Japan Housing and Non-residential Starts for June 2020

June 2020 Japan Housing Starts
Recessionary pressures and the Covid 19 pandemic weighed heavily on construction activity. June total housing starts fell 12.7% year over year to finish at 71,101 units. Owner occupied housing declined… more

China Economy Update

China Economic Update 2020 Q2

China’s Gross domestic product (GDP) grew 3.2% year-on-year in Q2 2020, recovering from a record contraction in Q1 as lockdown measures ended and policymakers stepped up stimulus measures to combat the impact of the pandemic crisis. So… more

Wood Construction Can Make Korea’s Green Deal Greener

As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 induced economic recession, South Korean President Moon administration has proposed spending $60 billion over the next five years on the Korean New Deal to prepare the South Korean… more

Trade Shows Resumed in South Korea

As the COVID-19 Pandemic curve has been flattened and under control in South Korea, cancelled trade shows have resumed. Custom home builders, who rely more on a person to person consultation with their clients, have been hit harder due to… more

Expanding 2×4 into Large Hospital Buildings

With its environmentally friendly and economical design, the Muratakai Shonan Oba Hospital recently opened on July 1, 2020. The hospital is located 50 km southwest of Tokyo in Fujisawa City in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is one of the largest… more

Matechstone Patents Wood Infill Wall System in China

The Prefab Building Development 2019 Report released by MOHURD indicates a positive trend for the growth potential for off-site construction and prefabrication in China. Together with the new green building evaluation standard issued on… more

China Policy Briefing 2020 – Issue 3

This Policy Briefing is developed by FII China to provide an update to Canadian stakeholders on China’s current economic situation, policies and government directions relating wood, construction and real estate industries in 2020.
Please… more

Expanding 2×4 into Large Span Commercial Buildings

Two prominent wooden warehouses were recently designed and built by platform frame construction (total floor area for each building is approximately 1,400 m²) in an economical and environmentally friendly way in Fukushima Prefecture. The… more