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Japan Economy, Housing and Lumber Shipments

In July Japan’s unemployment rate held steady at 4.3%, while the industrial production index and consumption price indices fell 1% and 0.3% on signs of economic weakening. Softening in China and Southeast Asian markets is putting… more

Japan Real Estate Update

According to statistics recently released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation & Tourism (MLIT) Japan real estate values continued to fall for the 21st consecutive year. However the pace of the decline has slowed… more

New Wood Industry Association Meets

China Modern Wood Frame Construction Technology Industry Association (China Association) was officially launched on August 8, 2012 in Yantai, Shandong province. In attendance were almost 200 members, including developers, builders,… more

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China Media Mission to British Columbia and Alberta

The July media mission to B.C. and Alberta was an excellent introduction to CBN (China Business Network) of Canadian light wood frame and heavy timber construction in the residential and non-residential sectors.  The link below is a video… more

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China Economy, Housing & Lumber Shipments

The State of the Economy
China’s economy showed extended signs of weakness in July with less-than-expected growth in a batch of key economic indicators, dampening wishes of a modest recovery in the second half. However, the CPI expanded… more

China Vocational Schools’ Mission to B.C.

Nine instructors from seven Chinese vocational schools and 4 officials from MOHURD visited Canada from Aug. 12th to 19th. This mission is a part of the vocational training program under NRCan/BC-MOHURD Cooperative Modern Wood Frame… more

The 4th Shanghai Wooden Green Residential Exhibition

The 4th Shanghai Wooden Green Residential Exhibition was held together with the 8th Shanghai International Energy-saving & Advanced Building Material Exhibition and 6 other trade shows related with construction industry. This gave… more

Wood Nursing Home Opens

A new large wooden elderly care facility, Nursing Home Mantenshiotsu begins operations. COFI Tokyo’s Shawn Lawlor, Kevin Bews and Maya Muto, representing our industry, were on hand for the opening ceremony on July 6th, celebrating the… more

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2×4 Component Plant Activities in Japan

The Tokai 2×4 Council reported that for the month of July, twelve of its regular member companies supplied 378 units (50,282 m²) of 2×4 framing packages in the Tokai region (Aichi, Mie, Gifu and Shiga Prefectures), but member… more

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2×4 Social Welfare Related Projects Double

For the first half of 2012 (January to June), the Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reported that it received 12 fireproof approval applications for new social welfare related projects compared to 6 approvals for same period in 2011,… more

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Japan Economy, Housing and Lumber Shipments

Japan Economy
After seemingly endless deliberations, the National Diet passed a bill on August 10th to raise Japan’s consumption tax. The increase will be implemented in two phases, rising from 5% to 8% effective April 2014 and from 8%… more

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New “Domestic Wood Points” Housing Subsidy System

On August 23rd one of Japan’s leading daily newspapers, the Yomiuri Shimbun, reported that Japan’s Forestry Agency is considering plans to implement a point system subsidy linked to the use of domestic wood in housing, furniture and… more

Builders learn about Super E

Best House Korea, who is planning to build 250 Super E houses over the next few years, signed an MOU with Super E Office in conjunction with a QS MOU with Canada Wood during Premier Clark’s visit to Korea in May 2012 for the transfer… more

University wood training gaining traction

Canada Wood Korea completed the University-based training with architecture students at AJOU University in Suwon. CWK made an MOU with AJOU University in 2010 for providing the theory lectures and practical training on wood frame… more

Developer finally chooses wood

Doshi Nongbu is a young and ambitious builder-developer company specializing in concrete townhouse. DN started and completed their first twenty units in 2010 at Paju, inspired by the changing housing market trends and the popularity of… more

Korean Economy, Housing and Lumber Shipments Update

Economy Update
South Korea’s gross domestic product decreased more than 50% in the 2nd quarter from 0.9% to 0.4%. Economic experts and foreign investment banks say the previously predicted annual economic growth of 3% is no longer… more

Alberta funding makes mission to Canada a reality

A delegation of 35 developers, builders, architects and journalists visited Alberta and BC from July 10th to 18th. Mission participants visited Vancouver, Whistle, Edmonton and Banff.
The six journalists that attended were sponsored by… more

World Conference on Timber Engineering 2012

From July 16 to 19, World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE 2012) was held in Auckland, New Zealand. The objective of the WCTE 2012 was to provide a forum for the exchange of the latest technological advances, research results and… more

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Japan Wood Industry impressed by BC Wood First Act

The Tokai region is known in Japan as one of the most active areas in wooden-related industries and wooden housing industries.  The Japan Wood Industry and Technology Association invited COFI Tokyo as a seminar presenter for Tokai Branch… more