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CMHC Super-E technology a Hit

CMHC international training team, Oliver Drerup and Ken Klassen in collaboration with Canada Wood Korea held Super-E technology transfer training workshops with two major wood frame construction companies in Korea, Best House Korea (BHK)… more

Wood Frame QA Important for Builder

The CWK’s QA program introduced its services to the market firstly in 2008, the 2011-12 program is ready to progress a step further and focus on demonstrating quality standards, promoting Canada Wood’s training services and reaching… more

Abbey Embraces Wood

The first all wood abbey is being constructed in Korea. Order of Saint Augustine is building a new abbey consists of three wood buildings in Yeoncheon-gun located in northern part of Gyeonggi-do near the DMZ – the border area between… more

Builders Visit Canada

As Korea’s wood frame construction market continues to grow and diversify into duplexes, townhouses and multi-family housing from single detached houses, in spite of global financial crisis, the transfer of advanced building… more

Korea SPF Shipments

Owing to the progressive increase in wood housing starts and gaining popularity of SPF in structural use, Canadian SPF exports to South Korea in 2011 remarkably increased 30% to 124,500 MFBM from a year earlier 95,883 MFBM. The total SPF… more

Korea Housing Construction Update

Korean Housing Starts Summary and Market Condition:
Korea’s housing starts in 2011 considerably increased 21.0% to 98,952 buildings from a year earlier 81,793 buildings owing to the continuous tax benefits to real estate investors and… more

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Construction Resumes in Kunming

Work on the 1070, Super E, wood frame residential units in the Shining Star project in Kunming, will resume next month. As we reported in January, over the winter work on the wood frame villas slowed significantly while the developer… more

Full Scale Shake Table Test with CLT

A three-storey full size shake table test was conducted on February 6 at Disaster Prevention Centre in Tsukuba.  With the mass on top of the 3rd storey roof, it simulated the behaviour of 5-storey structure under the conditions of the… more

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JHFA Manuals to Be Privately Published

Builders and architects in Japan have been using Wooden P&B and 2×4 specification manuals for a long time as the “Bible” for understanding the wooden building code.  The editorial work has been done by JHFA (Japan Housing… more

2×4 Component Plant Activities in Japan

The Tokai 2×4 Council reported that for the month of January, its regular member companies supplied 354 units (46,952 m²) of 2×4 framing packages in the Tokai region (mainly Aichi, Mie, Gifu and Shiga Prefectures) and that… more

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Japan SPF Shipments

Total 2011 SPF shipments to Japan finished at 782,779,000fbm or 0.8% below the year prior level of 789,344,000fbm. December shipments were 66.2 million feet or roughly 5 million feet behind year prior shipments. The total value of SPF… more

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Japan 2X4 Construction Update

For the 2011 calendar year (January to December), the Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reported that it received 274 fireproof approval applications compared to 251 approvals for same period in 2010, an increase of 9.2% from the… more

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Japan Economic Update

Japan’s high yen, the continuing European financial crisis and the fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear crisis helped drive Japan’s trade deficit in January 2012 to a new high. Persistent weakness in the European Economy resulted… more

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Technical Workshop at UBC

UBC and CanadaWood organized a short technical workshop in Vancouver with key participants from China from Jan 30-Feb3. The intent of this workshop was:

to obtain the latest information from leading academics, architects and design… more

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Designer Training Underway at Nanjing

A set of modern light weight wood frame construction designer training is currently underway from February 20 to 29, 2012 at the Nanjing Forestry University. Canada Wood worked collaboratively with the university’s Wood Industry… more

Xinjiang Seminar

Xinjiang has been an emerging market since 2010, and the Xinjiang government has issued favorable policy for wood frame construction.  Xinjiang currently has implemented WFC in resort housing, reroofing, villa projects, and rural housing… more

Harper Visits Canada Wood Demonstration

February 9, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper escorted a group of journalists to the Green Building Design Centre in Langfang to highlight the forest industry’s market development achievements.
Fifteen Canada Wood College… more

China Lumber Shipments Update

BC softwood lumber export volume to China for the year 2011 reached 7.31 million cubic meters, a 60% increase over 2010. Similarly, BC softwood lumber export value for 2011 reached $1.1 billion, a 60% increase over 2010. Information from… more

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China Housing Update

The IMF concludes that the government’s efforts to cool the property sector have been effective. The market is beginning to deflate, with price growth slowing and transaction volumes down.  However, underlying investment remains… more

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China Economic Update

The IMF has recently released its economic outlook for China for 2010 with the following prognosis.
China’s economy has shown its resilience in the midst of a difficult external environment buoyed by corporate profitability and rising… more