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My First 2×4 Home

Recently completed, Nursing Home Yuinosato’s staff gets ready to open its doors and welcome 29 local residents to their new home. This elderly care facility built in Niwa-gun, AichiPrefecture, is a single-storey 2×4 building. The… more

Popularity of 2×4 Housing Growing in Japan

According to the Government of Japan’s Cabinet Office survey released on February 2nd, the popularity of 2×4 single family homes is growing. The survey asked 1,489 consumers, “When purchasing a home, which type of construction… more

MOHURD Green Building Show

Canada was featured prominently at the 8th MOHURD Green building Show that took place in Beijing from March 29th-31st.
The booth featured the various applications of both wood frame and heavy timber applications through the demonstration… more

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Wood Training at Chinese Universities

Timber Engineering Course at Tongji
A nine-week Timber Engineering Course at Tongji started Feb 27th. About 350-400 students took the course this year.
Prof. Frank Lam delivered part of the course at the beginning. Given the number of… more

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Quality Support Workshop raises big interest

Canada Wood Korea held the 2nd Quality Support Workshop on March 6, 2012 in collaboration with Korea Wood Construction Association (KWCA) in order to address moisture management issues raised through KWCA 5 Star Construction Quality… more

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Technical Seminar Provides Sound Insulation Solutions

Canada Wood Korea in collaboration with NRC, KFRI, KWCA and WUC delivered another successful technical seminar focused on providing sound insulation solutions in wood frame buildings for architects, builders and consumers to promote the… more

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SPF Shipments to Korea

Year 2011 was marked as the first year reached to 100,000 MFBM of Canadian SPF import in Korean history. This record was mainly owed to the progressive increase in wood housing starts and high market preference for Canadian SPF in… more

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Korea Housing Update

Korean Housing Starts Summary and Market Condition:
Korea’s housing starts in January, 2012 considerably increased 36.9% to 4,523 buildings from a year earlier 3,305 buildings owing to the continuous government extended policies to shore… more

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Wood Building Seminars in Japan

Designing Small & Medium 2×4 Buildings
Six seminars were conducted by COFI in conjunction with the cooperation of the Japan Wood Truss Council (JWTC) over a four week period. The seminar locations were; Fukuoka on February 9th… more

Canadian Wood Miles Comparison

In recent years Japan’s domestic wood lobby has argued that it is more environmentally friendly to source local wood products since purchasing closer to home eliminates significant transportation related CO2 emissions when compared to… more

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Japanese Government Pushes CLT

On February 14 MOAFF announced the formation of a new Japan CLT Association with an objective of stimulating new end uses for wood products. This development illustrates is how the Japanese wood industry and government are joining forces… more

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Japan Economic Overview

As welcome relief to Japanese exporters, the yen continued to edge lower in March. Against the Canadian dollar, the Japanese yen has weakened from the 76 level in January to 83 in March. The improving profitability outlook for Japanese… more

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Japan Housing Construction

January Housing Starts Edge Slightly Lower
Japan’s housing market moved slightly lower in January. Total housing starts fell 1.1% to 65,984 units. Total wooden housing finished at 35,117 units, a 1.7% decline. Condominiums fell… more

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Phytosanitary Project

Phytosanitary specialist Mr. Brian Zak was in China in the week of March 19th and gave an overview on Canadian Forest Industry and its Market Directions as well as Phytosanitary related issues to Canada Wood staff, Canadian Consulate reps… more

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CAF Codes Developed

The expert approved meetings of the three newly developed codes and standards by CAF was held on March 29 and 30 in Shanghai. Two of them are national codes, which are Laminated veneer lumber for timber structures and Wood I-beams, while… more

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Promoting Demonstration Buildings in China

A point of discussion at the last Canada Wood strategy session was whether more could be done to promote the demonstration projects in China.
The primary purpose of demonstration projects is to convince project partners of the feasibility… more