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Villa project uses Cedar

At the Jinqiao S3 Villa project site, WRC is being used extensively for exterior cladding over rain screen.  As this is a very high-end development, WRC was chosen as one of the primary cladding materials due to it’s rich… more

Pressure treated wood code update

Technology specification for preservative treated wood in engineering application
On December 16-17th, the 5th code committee meeting for “Technology specification for preservative treated wood in engineering application” was held in… more

National wood design code revision

GB50005 (Timber Design Code)
The 3rd revision meeting of GB5 was held in E’Mei Shan from Dec 8th ~10th, 2011. Canada Wood was represented by Chun Ni (FPInnovations), Haiyan Zhang and Helen Guo attended the meeting on behalf of Canada… more

People’s Daily reports on wood event

Green Building Forum with SIIC
December 21, 2011. Shanghai: Canada Wood promoted wood frame construction at a green building event with a new developer partner. 
Shanghai Industrial Investment Co. (SIIC) has many typical features of a… more

Vice minister speaks at SPF seminar

Harbin Seminar
After the signing of the MOU between Canada Wood and Heilongjiang Construction Group,  Nov. 18, 2011 inBeijing, Canada Wood and Heilongjiang Construction Group co-hosted a seminar on modern WFC technology. The seminar… more

China Housing Update

Despite local governments’ and property developers’ protestations, the CEWC vowed to maintain real estate tightening to bring property prices back to a reasonable level. The statement that “to bring prices back to a reasonable… more

China Economic Update

China’s 2011 Central Economic Work Conference (CEWC) was held in mid-December and ade the following key announcements heading into 2012:
@   a shift in priority from curbing inflation to striking a balance between maintaining   … more

Large elderly home results from ministerial approval

A large wooden elderly care project, Nursing Home Tokiwaen is currently under construction in the Kanto region of Japan. This new elderly facility is scheduled to open in March of next year and is being built in Matsudo City, Chiba… more

Non-residential 2×4 housing market update

For the 2011 calendar year (January to November), the Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reported that it received 261 fireproof approval applications compared to 240 approvals for same period in 2010, an increase of 8.8% from the… more

2×4 Component Plant Activities in Japan

The Tokai 2×4 Council reported that for the month of December, twelve of its regular member companies supplied 383 units (52,083 m²) of 2×4 framing packages in the Tokai region (Aichi, Mie, Gifu and Shiga Prefectures) and has… more

Japan SPF Shipments

October SPF Shipments to Japan increased 3.9% to 75.3 million fbm. In the first 10 months of 2011 SPF Shipments to Japan totaled 646,020,00fbm, slightly below the 646,727,000fbm of shipments for the same period in 2010. By value, SPF… more

Japan Housing Construction

Housing Starts Continue Cooling Trend in October
Falling for the second consecutive month, Japan housing starts posted a sluggish performance in October. Overall housing starts fell 5.8% to 67,273 units. Total wooden starts fell 7.1%…. more

Japan Economic Update

The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and rapid appreciation of the yen were the key events shaping Japan’s economy in 2011 and beyond. In the first half of 2011 the disaster sent Japan’s economy back into recession with real annualized… more

New research to promote wood mid-rise

To facilitate implementation of the Act for Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings, Japan’s Building Research Institute (BRI) is undertaking a major 3 year research project on Medium and Large Scale Wooden Buildings. This… more

Cedar standing the test of time

I was looking through some 1930’s back-copies of Timber Trade Journal yesterday, amazed to see the enormous efforts made to promote western red cedar by the British Columbia Trade Commissioner in London who had offices at 1–3 Regent… more

Duplexes gaining in popularity

Hyun Wook Lee, the Principal of Kwangjang Architects, has been working with CWK since the Eco Village Demo House project, the first 4 storey wood framed multi-family project in Korea two years ago. Since then he and Kwangjang have been… more

Top 10 real estate company will use wood

Duringthe November Mission, FII China and Canada Wood China signed an MOU of cooperation with Shangshi Real Estate Holdings, which is owned by Shanghai Industrial Investment Cooperation (SIIC). The developer is planning to break ground on… more

Trade mission benefits irrefutable

November Mission Review
The Globe and Mail recently ran a story that cast doubt on the value of international trade missions.
Crosscheck:Adding up the benefits of trade missions
In particular, whenever a BC Minister, a Premier or a Federal… more

Designer fair proves fruitful

Korea Architecture Fair & Festival (KAFF) is an architectural trade fair organized by Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA) which has more than 10,000 registered architect members all over the country. KAFF, launched in 2006,… more

China Housing Update

A major challenge to determine housing starts in China is that statistics are often over-stated, often by local municipal officials, in order to appear to be meeting government policy targets.
Up to the end 0f Q3 2011, the residential… more