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China Market Update

The State of the Economy

Industrial Output
Retail Sales


1. Economic indicators are to September’11 YTD compared to similar period in 2010
2. FAI – refers to… more

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Western Red Cedar Fitting in the UK

The Western Red Cedar Export Association and Canada Wood UK have worked together to develop Canadian exports of western red cedar. A design-led marketing initiative successfully translated into mainstream demand in the UK. The principal… more

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Designers are turning to wood

The Financial Times’ style magazine titled ‘How to Spend It’ (2 July 2011) published an article introduced with the words “Designers are turning to wood to create bespoke and artful kitchens that replace the white-box formula with… more

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Eastern white pine floor boards?

We have recently forwarded a trade enquiry placed by a UK merchant who wants to source eastern white pine floor boards for a client. While this wood is the perfect choice for furniture, mouldings, pattern making and similar purposes, it is… more

Multi-function office space

Most of the jobsites I’ve been to in China all have one thing in common.  A place for superintendents to hang out, keep a tape measure, a copy of the plans, etc.  It’s a jobsite office.  Let’s take a look at the office at the site… more

Canada Wood on Prime Time TV

Chinese TV station features Wood Frame Construction
China Business News is China’s number one business channel. It’s primtime flagship program “Popular Real Estate” focuses on real estate market news. Recently, the… more

Is China’s Real Estate Growth Sustainable?

China’s real estate market is often the subject of polarized editorials. News on vacant homes and “ghost cities” are difficult to correlate with articles forecasting continued growth. While it is near-impossible to predict the future… more

S-P-F becoming a household brand, really?

China’s first ever SPF Forum is held in Xi’an China

Back in 2002, when I first began promoting Canadian SPF and Wood Construction in China, I could not have imagined there would be so many distributors selling SPF lumber in… more

The ‘Wood Miles’ Question

Canada Wood frequently receives information requests from enquirers asking the ‘wood-miles’ question? This always comes as somewhat of a surprise considering the small amount of energy required to transport wood around the world… more

Japan Faces an Uncertain Future

I returned this week from several days in Tokyo.  My previous trip was traumatic having been swept up in the March 11th quake and tsunami disaster.  The impressive stoicism and resilience of Japanese society is still very much in… more

Record Number of Elderly Care Projects

18 2×4 Fireproof Approvals for Japan

The Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reported that for the fiscal year 2010, 18 fireproof project applications were received to construct elderly care facilities in Japan compared to 7 for… more

Lobbying Pays Off

COFI Lobbying Efforts Lead to MLIT Specifying non-JAS Graded (Imported Lumber) in the Japanese Wood First Act Design Standard
Since the establishment of “Act to Promote Wood Use in Public Buildings” (Japanese Wood First Act) in May… more

Japan Market Update

Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Hammers Japan Economy Near Term, Brighter Days Ahead

Following the devastating earthquake and Tsunami of March 11th and the collateral damage to the Fukushima nuclear reactors, Japan’s GDP fell 0.9% for… more

China Market Update

The State of the Economy
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in China expanded 9.7 % in the first quarter of 2011 over the same quarter last year. The World Bank estimates year-end 2011 GDP growth to be 9.3% revising its earlier estimate of… more

Three years after the Wenchuan Earthquake

Earlier this month, China paid respect to the victims of the mighty earthquake which claimed over 80,000 lives three years ago.  On the third anniversary of the May 12 disaster, there remains very little to be seen of the widespread… more

Korea Market Update

GDP Growth:
The South Korean economy grew 6.2% in 2010, the fastest expansion in eight years, as exports remained robust and facility investment jumped amid improved consumer spending.
In the first quarter of 2011, the South Korean economy… more

Canada Wood QA Team Assist in Gated Community

Supeeya, developer of Mirinae Village owns 360,000 m² of land in Yangpyung about 65km away from Seoul. Yangpyung is one of the best areas nationwide for people to live in the countryside near a metropolitan area. In the first phase of… more