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COFI 40th Anniversary Design Awards

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

February 10, 2015

Group photo of the 2x4 design award competition winners and Canadian government and industry representatives at the event

Group photo of the 24 design award competition winners and Canadian government and industry representatives at the event

The year 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the introduction of platform frame construction in Japan by Canada and establishment of COFI’s Japan office. Since its inception over 2.3 million 2×4 structures have been built and is becoming a mainstream building method. To celebrate design excellence in 2×4 construction in Japan, the Council of Forest Industries conducted a design competition for innovative and inspiring projects in both residential and large scale non-residential categories. We received a total of 169 entries for residential (113) and non-residential (56) projects from across Japan.

On October 16th the COFI 2×4 Design Award competition recipients were announced and presented with awards at the 40th Anniversary Celebration event co-hosted by COFI with the Canadian Embassy at the embassy in Tokyo. The winning designs in the residential category demonstrated true structural innovations highlighting the ability to achieve large spans and modern open space designs. Creative use of materials and geometric forms also showcased the flexibility and performance of 2×4 housing in meeting Japanese structural requirements and aesthetic sensibilities.

The selected projects by company in the residential and non-residential categories and a group photo of the award competition winners and government and industry representatives from Canada at the event as below;

Residential Category:

Daiichi Model House – Seijyo Jyutaku Koen (Tokyo) – Mitsui Home Co., Ltd.

O-Residence (Iwate) – Mitsui Home Co., Ltd.

kiti (Kanagawa) – mihadesign inc.

Kotoba no Ie (Hyogo) – Yabe Tatsuya Architects

Non-Residential Category:

Maison de Glamour 5F Building (Tokyo) – Mitsui Home Co., Ltd.

A Shade Line Rental Apartment (Osaka) – Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd.

Meiji Seiryu-en Elderly Care Facility (Oita) – Yoshitaka Architects & Consultants

Koya-san Guest House (Wakayama) – ALPHAVILLE CO., Ltd.