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CW China teams with furniture association to increase market influence

Canada Wood Team

By Canada Wood Team

May 2, 2018

Alex Wu, business development manager of Canada Wood China (left), and Brian Leslie speak at the seminar.

Canada Wood China has signed a MOU with United Furniture Association (UFA) in Dongguan City to further cooperation in the Chinese furniture industry.

The MOU ceremony was a part of a seminar held by the two parties on wood applications in the furniture industry on March 27th. More than 50 people including buyers, furniture designers and wood suppliers attended the event. Canadian experts Brian Leslie was invited as keynote speaker to introduce Canadian lumber.

Canada has abundant wood resources and is one of the fastest growing exporters of lumber to China. Canadian exports of lumber to China have risen more than 1,837% in the last decade. UFA is an online platform that features more than 100 furniture sourcing companies and over 3,000 furniture raw material vendors. It launched in October 2017. Turnover reached 2.5 billion yuan (CAD$500 million) from nearly 300,000 business transactions within the first three months.