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Glory Days of Industrialized Wood Frame Construction with Guaranteed Consistent Quality

Sunny Kim

By Sunny Kim

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

July 4, 2017

Refresh House, a company specializing in prefabricated wood frame construction, is carrying out a WFC community development project to construct a total of 21 homes in Yangpyeong. This community is drawing attention as it is an industrialized wood frame construction that applies prefab methods, which is not common in Korea yet. For this industrialized wood frame construction, building materials are precisely prefabricated at the Refresh House factory and assembled on site. It sets the first case of developing a community of industrialized wood frame construction in Korea.

All wall panels and floor trusses were assembled locally in Korea with No. 1 grade of S-P-F lumber from Canada to enhance the durability of the wood frame and maintain consistent quality.

While the quality of light frame wood structure depends on the materials used and the capability of the constructor, the industrialized wood frame construction can maintain consistent quality regardless of the skills of the carpenter while also reducing construction period, making it perfect for community development.

Mr. Hong Won Lee, CEO of Refresh System, became interested in wood frame construction after participating in the Canada Wood Korea’s annual Developer Mission to Canada in 2011 and eventually established a prefab factory and launched the brand, Refresh House, which covers the design and construction of wood frame construction. For the launching of the Refresh House brand, Tai Jeong, CWK Country Director, offered an advice and Mr. Lee accepted the advice such as constructing the prefab factory as they are.

Refresh House developed a community that realizes the industrialized wood frame construction by making continuous improvements and the model house in Yangpyeong is drawing attention from many people.