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Greg Hoing Leaving Canada Wood

Paul Newman

By Paul Newman

Executive Director - Market Access and Trade, COFI Vancouver

April 11, 2012

Greg Hoing

Deputy Managing Director of Canada Wood’s China operations Greg Hoing last week tendered his resignation, effective the end of April.   Greg will be moving on to work for Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in a management capacity as that firm prepares to enter the Chinese market with its component fabrication and software design systems for wood construction.

Greg joined CWG six years ago to head up our technology transfer and training efforts.  Under his management CWG’s programming in China has gone from strength to strength.  Some of his many achievements include:  over 400 students graduating to date from intensive Canada Wood College vocational training; the execution of CWG demonstration projects undertaken in the aftermath of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake; the creation and expansion of quality support services to qualified developers/builders; and provision of a suite of tailored design and construction tools for the Chinese wood building industry.  Greg also helped to facilitate a strong synergistic relationship with FII China’s operations in Shanghai. 

Greg’s presence will be greatly missed by his colleagues in China and Vancouver.  He is respected by industry and government representatives.    Fortunately he will remain active in the Chinese wood construction sector and intends to continue living in Shanghai.  No doubt his advice and guidance will be sought out on a regular basis.

Good luck with your new responsibilities Greg!