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Happy Valentine’s in Japan – It’s a Treat Being a Guy!

Shawn Lawlor

By Shawn Lawlor

Managing Director, Canada Wood Japan

March 19, 2015

shawn2We guys in Japan are spoiled every year when Valentine’s Day arrives. In a uniquely Japanese spin on a Western custom, come every February 14th it is the ladies that provide the men with chocolates, cakes, various home baked sweets. Thanks to the wonderful custom of giri-choco or “obligatory chocolate”, even if you are a guy and no Japanese female office colleagues have any feelings of affection towards you or even remotely like you, come Valentine’s Day they still give you chocolate. All you need to do as a guy is sit back and eat!

And, as the photo of our Valentine’s Day pickings demonstrates, it was a banner harvest year for the guys at the Canada Wood Japan office. A heartfelt thanks to all the ladies at the Canada Wood Japan office for all the home baked sweets and chocolates. How sweet of you! Thankfully, a follow up custom called “White Day” was also invented. White Day is every March 14th, wherein it is the men’s turn to give chocolates to their female office colleagues. You can count on us ladies and thanks again!