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Japan Housing Starts Summary for June 2018

Shawn Lawlor

By Shawn Lawlor

Managing Director, Canada Wood Japan

August 23, 2018

Overall housing market activity is showing signs of slowing over the second quarter. June total housing starts fell 7.1% to 81,275 units for the third consecutive monthly decline. The “mansion” condominium starts fell 36.2%, weighing down the overall average. However, owner-occupied and rental housing also registered single digit declines. Total wooden housing fell 3.1% to 46,283 starts. Post and beam housing was most resilient with a 1.8% decline to 35,031 units. Prefab wood housing fell 6.8% to 1,163 units. Platform frame housing fell 7.0% to 10,089 units. By housing type, platform starts fared as follows: custom order homes fell 2.3% to 2,922 units, rentals fell 8.6% to 6,096 units and built for sale spec homes dropped 9.7% to 1,053 units.