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Quality Support Workshop raises big interest

Canada Wood Korea held the 2nd Quality Support Workshop on March 6, 2012 in collaboration with Korea Wood Construction Association (KWCA) in order to address moisture management issues raised through KWCA 5 Star Construction Quality… more

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Technical Seminar Provides Sound Insulation Solutions

Canada Wood Korea in collaboration with NRC, KFRI, KWCA and WUC delivered another successful technical seminar focused on providing sound insulation solutions in wood frame buildings for architects, builders and consumers to promote the… more

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SPF Shipments to Korea

Year 2011 was marked as the first year reached to 100,000 MFBM of Canadian SPF import in Korean history. This record was mainly owed to the progressive increase in wood housing starts and high market preference for Canadian SPF in… more

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Korea Housing Update

Korean Housing Starts Summary and Market Condition:
Korea’s housing starts in January, 2012 considerably increased 36.9% to 4,523 buildings from a year earlier 3,305 buildings owing to the continuous government extended policies to shore… more

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Korea Economic Update

South Korea outgrew the average economic output of OECD member countries in the final quarter of 2011 showing the country’s relative resilience against external economic risks. The South Korean economy expanded 3.4% on-year in the… more

Alberta Talks Green in Korea

Canada Wood Korea in collaboration with the Province of Alberta and Alberta Forest Products Association held Round Table Discussion and networking dinner on February 24, 2012. CWK invited 50 architects, builders and media to the meeting to… more

Kyunghyang Housing Fair Showcases Lumber

CWK in collaboration with Alberta Forest Products Association(AFPA) and Alberta Province Office participated in the 27th Kyunghyang Housing Fair – the largest building products trade show in Korea – at KINTEX, Ilsan from… more

CMHC Super-E technology a Hit

CMHC international training team, Oliver Drerup and Ken Klassen in collaboration with Canada Wood Korea held Super-E technology transfer training workshops with two major wood frame construction companies in Korea, Best House Korea (BHK)… more

Wood Frame QA Important for Builder

The CWK’s QA program introduced its services to the market firstly in 2008, the 2011-12 program is ready to progress a step further and focus on demonstrating quality standards, promoting Canada Wood’s training services and reaching… more

Abbey Embraces Wood

The first all wood abbey is being constructed in Korea. Order of Saint Augustine is building a new abbey consists of three wood buildings in Yeoncheon-gun located in northern part of Gyeonggi-do near the DMZ – the border area between… more

Builders Visit Canada

As Korea’s wood frame construction market continues to grow and diversify into duplexes, townhouses and multi-family housing from single detached houses, in spite of global financial crisis, the transfer of advanced building… more

Korea SPF Shipments

Owing to the progressive increase in wood housing starts and gaining popularity of SPF in structural use, Canadian SPF exports to South Korea in 2011 remarkably increased 30% to 124,500 MFBM from a year earlier 95,883 MFBM. The total SPF… more

Korea Housing Construction Update

Korean Housing Starts Summary and Market Condition:
Korea’s housing starts in 2011 considerably increased 21.0% to 98,952 buildings from a year earlier 81,793 buildings owing to the continuous tax benefits to real estate investors and… more

Signing of MOU between CWK and KWCA marks a new beginning

KWCA and CWK have signed the 2nd extension of MOU for the cooperation in the implementation of 5 Star Construction Quality Certification program, a training and inspection program for ensuring quality construction in Korea on January 28,… more

Green building seminar attracts industry professionals

‘2012 SEOUL BUILD+DECO FAIR’ was held at COEX, Seoul from January 28 to February 1, 2012. CWK organized and had a technical seminar on ‘Green Low-energy Housing, Wood Frame House’ in cooperation with FPAC, CMHC, Korea Forest… more