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South Korea Market Update

GDP Growth:
The world’s financial markets are reflecting worse fiscal conditions of the United States and European countries, seeing most key economic indices negatively affected.
South Korea’s economic growth slowed down in the second… more

Korea Market Update

GDP Growth:
The South Korean economy grew 6.2% in 2010, the fastest expansion in eight years, as exports remained robust and facility investment jumped amid improved consumer spending.
In the first quarter of 2011, the South Korean economy… more

Canada Wood QA Team Assist in Gated Community

Supeeya, developer of Mirinae Village owns 360,000 m² of land in Yangpyung about 65km away from Seoul. Yangpyung is one of the best areas nationwide for people to live in the countryside near a metropolitan area. In the first phase of… more

Architect Firm Goes with Wood for the First Time

Jukdong Wood Frame Low Energy Housing Project
MA Architects and Engineers is a design firm who specializes in providing low energy design solutions. Jong Il Kim, the Principal, has chosen wood frame construction for the first time for… more

Certification Gives Wood a Chance

Fire Resistant Construction Certificate enables Chunsunwon Project
It is hard to track how many buildings are being constructed using fire resistant construction certifications that Canada Wood Korea and Lafarge Gypsum Board Korea have… more

The Weekend Get-Away Trend

Relief from the Big City in Wood-Frame Homes
Most Korean people like to get away from the city life and spend time outside, especially on the weekends. They travel to the west this week and to the east next week but when they come back… more

New Korean Treated Wood Standards a Concern

Owing to the progressive increase in wood housing starts and increasing demand from treated wood industry as feedstock, Canadian SPF exports to South Korea increased 20% to 95,883 MFBM in 2010 from a year earlier.
Though March YTD 2011 SPF… more

Korea: Trending Towards Prefab?

Refresh has established its prefabrication division more than a year ago and has finally produced their first fully pre-fabricated wall panels, floor and roof trusses for a single detached home…. more

WFC Case Study: Duplex House (A “Peanut” House)

A “Peanut” house is a new prevailing terminology among many first time home buyers in Korea representing a duplex house (two family units in one lot) like a peanut (two nuts in one shell). This new terminology created by Mr. H.Y. Lee,… more