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Market Research of Wood Frame Construction in 2018 Q2

Edward Zheng

By Edward Zheng

Research Manager, Canada Wood China

October 2, 2018

To better understand the wood frame construction market in China, Canada Wood China has started a quarterly market survey in 2018, aiming to track wood construction project starts, project types and construction floor areas.

1. The building types of new projects
The ratio of resorts and buildings for transportation sustained steady growth in Q2 compared with the previous quarter. Resorts took the biggest share, accounting for 55.4% from all types. Residential building projects saw an increase of 10% quarter-on-quarter, while buildings for Science, Education, Cultural and Health (SECH) dropped 7.3%.

2. Construction areas of newly started projects

New wood frame constructions started in provinces of Sichuan and Jiangsu dramatically dropped in Q2, with floor areas declining 44.9% and 49.9% respectively from the previous quarter.
Guangdong Province, replacing Jiangsu Province, has occupied the largest area of its newly-built projects among the target provinces, jumping 77.4% quarter-to-quarter.
The total area of newly started projects from six provinces had a decline of 6.9% quarter-to-quarter.