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Rural Housing Opportunity in Guizhou, China

Leonard Mao

By Leonard Mao

Business Development Director

June 3, 2013

guizhouQiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou province in southwest China is a mountainous region with a tradition of using wood as a main building material to build traditional post and beam structures. However, these traditional houses are not fire resistant, resulting in serious fire accidents every year. The local government is looking for other solutions to fix this problem and is committed to building 1,000 houses.

On May 21st, the local government invited experts from design institutes, universities, China Academy of Forestry and Canada Wood (Leonard Mao & Bill Opp) to review the proposals from ten Chinese builders. Four of these companies received approval to build demonstration houses in Qiandongyan, 3 of which have experience in Wood Frame Construction. The government will consider WFC among other building systems.

The challenge is affordability for farmers and the builders have been asked to come up with solutions with a cost as low as 1,100 RMB/m2. Canada Wood will be available to give quality support services to Cogent, Changzhou Beimei, and a local builder who will use SPF.