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The Gift 5: Seoksu Pavilion in Anyang

Tai Jeong

By Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

August 30, 2018

“The Gifts” projects have been undertaken by the Design Research Innovation Lab at Inha University Department of Architecture since 2013 not only as part of an architectural experimentation but also as a social contribution. A series of pavilion projects for designated communities and abandoned areas in the city was carried out with the help of various donor groups. This year, “The Gift: 5” was implemented through the close collaboration of the Design Research and Innovation Lab, Canada Wood Korea, and the city representatives of Anyang, Korea.
After several discussions with the Urban Regeneration Team of Anyang City, a site was selected for a new pavilion at Seoksu-dong in Anyang.
This project aims to replace the existing pavilion with a new one. The Design Research and Innovation Lab experimented with a few potential designs and finally decided on a design for development.
In developing the design, various mock-up models were constructed and tested to examine structural safety, durability, and sustainability. Then, precise drawings were developed, and the assembly of the components was animated by using a computer animation program. Each set of components was fabricated offsite, cut according to the size and location of each component, and numbered for accurate assembly onsite.
Thirty graduate and undergraduate students from Inha University Department of Architecture participated in the final assembly of the components on site with the help and technical support of Canada Wood Korea. After completing the fabrication, the pavilion was donated to the residents of the Seoksu-dong community in Anyang.

Written by Prof. Jin Ho Park, Inha University