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Wood Wall Bracing Workshop Attracts Overwhelming Interest

Sunny Kim

By Sunny Kim

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

May 30, 2018

The Wood Wall Bracing Workshop, hosted by Canada Wood Korea and held at A.T. Center on May 10th, ended in great success. While Korea is no longer safe from earthquake and has intensified the building code recently, increasing number of architects, architectural structure engineers, and constructors has shown interest in the seismic design of wood frame construction. In response to the growing interest, Canada Wood Korea held the Wood Wall Bracing Workshop with the support of APA and Chungnam National University.
The Wood Wall Bracing Workshop was filled up with all 140 applicants just in a half day after the e-mail announcement was made and many people who were late and could not apply requested for another Wood Wall Bracing Workshop.
At the Wood Wall Bracing Workshop, Professor Sang-sik Jang of Chungnam National University introduced Wood Wall Bracing and the applicants practiced structural design of wood frame construction developed with Canada Wood Korea with Excel program. A number of questions poured out during the practice session and applicants, particularly those who were immersed in the practice until the last minute, showed how they longed for the Wood Wall Bracing Workshop which showed the way to the seismic design.