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Both Young & Elderly Cared for at Unique Facility

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

June 5, 2015

Exterior photo of a 2x4 Project Housing the Atsukinohoshi Nursery and Nursing Home Kinohana

Exterior photo of a 2 by 4 Project Housing the Atsukinohoshi Nursery and Nursing Home Kinohana

A new and distinct 2×4 care facility began operating this month that is geared to looking after both the young and old in Japan. This dual purpose building is a combination 1 and 3-storey structure which has a combined total floor area of 2,200 m² consuming approximately 375 m³ of SPF dimension lumber in its construction. It was built in Nagareyama city, Chiba prefecture and the first floor is occupied by the Atsukinohoshi Nursery, looking after the young ones while their parents are hard at work, whereas on the second and third floors, Nursing Home Kinohana takes care of the frail and elderly in the community. This facility is owned and managed by Akagi Manyou Social Welfare Corporation and was designed by Mr. Hisato Yoshitaka of Yoshitaka Architects Engineers & Consultants. The general contractor for the project was Hiroshima Kensetsu and with help and assistance of Mitsui Home Components, a sub-contractor for the project the building went up in record time. The owner learned it was possible to build elderly care facilities in wood after doing some reading and research on the internet where he found out from COFI that 2×4 fireproof buildings were a cost effective way to construct these facilities in Japan.