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Bukhangang Dongyeonjae, the Largest Wood Frame Housing Complex in Korea, Wins Grand Prize for Small and Low-story Housing

June Moon

By June Moon

Technical Assistant / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

October 2, 2017

Aerial photo of Bukhangang Dongyeonjae

A joint public-private project is bringing in a new wind in the low-story housing market. While it is normal in the rural housing market to only develop the land and sell the land first, where the contractor would then construct the house as they wish after signing a contract for the land, this project made an exception and constructed single family houses first and sold them afterwards. Also, some houses are constructed as energy independent houses based on so-called “semi-passive” technology.

MOU with Dream Site Korea, Canada Wood Group and GICO in 2015

Bukhangang Dongyeonjae’, a country house complex in the Daljeon District of Gapyeong, jointly developed by the public corporation, Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation(GICO), and private corporation, Dreamsite Korea, won the grand prize (Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award) for small and low-story housing at the 21st Good Apartment Design Contest.

The GICO and Dreamsite Korea signed an MOU with Canada Wood Group in 2015 to construct a prestigious suburban housing complex and constructed the ‘Bukhangang Dongyeonjae’, the largest authentic Canadian wood frame construction complex (154 households) in Korea, in Daljeon District of Gapyeong through technical support provided by Canada Wood Korea.

Community Center, the Maple Hall

The Community Center with a café, guestroom, and multi-functional room was constructed with the support from the provincial government of Alberta, Canada, in the center of the complex that is being constructed on the ‘Canadian Village’ theme.

The underground work of all infrastructures from gas lines to water and sewage facilities, power lines, and communication lines has been completed. In addition, the complex features low-energy consuming houses that adopted high-insulation wood structures and triplex low-energy window frames as the basic elements of the housing to cut heating expenses down to half that of the apartment houses of the same size.

GICO CEO Kim Yong-hak said, “The demand is shifting from super high-rise apartments in the heart of the city to low-story, low-density housing in the suburbs, forming a slow but irreversible trend. All local public corporations under metropolitan councils around the country came to learn from our success, and national public corporations and companies from the capital region visited us one after another. The knowhow we acquired through the development of ‘Bukhangang Dongyeonjae’ in Gapyeong will bloom as derivative projects across the country.”