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CAN-KOR Wood Design Competition Attracts Top Talent

By canadawood_admin

President, Canada Wood Group

February 28, 2013

Tai Jeong explains background of CAN-KOR Wood Design Competition to architects

CWK will hold a special exhibition to get general public experienced Canadian wood frame construction and culture to celebrate 50th anniversary of official ties and cultural relation between Canada and Korea this year at Korea Foundation exhibition hall in Seoul from July 6 to 27. On February 14, CWK invited renowned architects and university professors and held the round table discussion to share their opinions about the exhibition and encourage them to participate in the exhibition. The 10 architects and 2 university professors said they are willing to participate in the exhibition and other special activities organised by CWK during the exhibition period. CWK will provide various programs related with Canadian wood frame construction and wood products to professionals, students, children and general public in collaboration with Canadian Embassy including exhibitions on Wood Design Competition Best 5 and young architects’ WFC projects, wood construction class for children and so on.