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The 2013 Housing Brand Fair

By canadawood_admin

President, Canada Wood Group

February 28, 2013

Visitors receive WFC technical materials at CWK booth

CWK participated in the 2013 Housing Brand Fair, one of the largest building products trade shows in Korea started from February 14 to 16 at COEX, Seoul in order to promote the use of sustainable Canadian wood products and wood frame construction technology to industry professionals and general public. Canada Wood information booth (3m x 6m) was designed with Canadian dimension lumber from 2X4 to 2X12. The beauty and warmth of the wood attracted a good deal of attraction and drew more visitors. The number of visitors to CWK information booth recorded more than 3,000 during the 4 day exhibition period.

CWK-KWCA WFC Seminar attracted over 200 consumers.

CWK also held a WFC seminar for consumers in collaboration with KWCA on February 16 at COEX during the fair. Three guest speakers, Mr. Song of Michoo Architects, Dr. Kim of KFRI and Jae Choi of CWK delivered special lectures on Wood frame house design, benefits of wood, and Canada Super-E House technology respectively to the general public interested in wood frame house. More than 200 consumers registered the seminar and did not leave their seats until the end of the sessions.