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Canada Wood China Signs MOU with Leading Construction Company

Johnny Yang

By Johnny Yang

Business Development Manager, Canada Wood China

August 30, 2016

SCG Chief Engineer Mr. Gong and Canada Wood China Managing Director Eric Wong

SCG Chief Engineer Mr. Gong and Canada Wood China Managing Director Eric Wong

One of Canada Wood China’s main approaches to developing the local market for wood construction, is to find and foster wood champions who can help us develop the local industry. One of China’s largest State Owned Enterprises within the Construction industry, Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) established a wood research department within their engineering research institute. This department will collaborate with Canada Wood on a number of technical transfer initiatives.

The development of the new department was spearheaded by SCG’s chief engineer Mr. Gong, who has recognized the rapid development of modern wood structures globally. He concluded that as one of the largest builders in China, they should be at the forefront of this development in China.

Canada Wood China was first introduced to SCG’s wood research department in 2014 through our training sessions on drywall and heavy timber. Moving forward, Canada Wood China will play a key role in helping the new department raise the profile of wood design and construction to SCG’s other offices. SCG recognizes that Canada Wood has extensive technical resources to offer for wood frame construction. Together our two small teams can influence a great number of construction professionals.

On August 16 both parties signed an MOU to symbolize this partnership. Within the scope of the MOU we plan to organize, e.g.:

  • Missions to learn about best-practices in wood construction
  • Various seminars on newest wood technology such as Infill wall and tall wood, and
  • Designer roundtables that help develop an understanding of using wood in the design stage.

Shanghai Construction Group

In 2015, SCG ranked 8th on the list of China’s top 500 Construction Companies published by the China Construction Association[i], and 46th on China’s Fortune 500[ii]. The company has played a key role building and modernization of Chinese cities.

The Group is known for the construction of high rise buildings, long-span bridges, light railways, large diameter tunnel, public culture and sport facilities and large industrial plants.

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