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Canada Wood Co-hosts China’s Topnotch Building Energy Efficiency Event

Cara Sun

By Cara Sun

September 12, 2019

Building on Forestry Innovation Investment’s relationships with China Association of Building Energy Efficiency (CABEE), Canada Wood was invited to co-host the second National Conference on Building Energy Conservation and Green Building Technological Innovation in Guangzhou on August 26, 2019. The conference focused on “energy saving, low carbon and green development” and was attended by more than 300 representatives from government departments, scientific research institutes, design units, construction enterprises and industry experts. A presentation was made by Canada Wood with the theme of Applications of Wood Frame Constructions in Nearly Net Zero Energy Consumption Buildings.

Image: Mr. Fu Weizhou from Canada Wood gave presentation to the audience.


Under China’s broad agenda to promote ecological development, building energy efficiency remains a key task for construction industry to implement in recent years. Accordingly, Canada Wood has re-calibrated messages to convey the benefits of Wood Frame Construction (WFC) in adapting to China’s energy efficiency requirement, and explored commercial demonstration opportunities to showcase WFC’s insulation properties.

The event also provides another opportunity for FII/Canada Wood to strengthen cooperation with CABEE and expand the industry network.