Canada Wood Korea Delivers Comprehensive Wood Construction Seminar for Space Factory Employees

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

As the global focus shifts towards sustainability, the construction industry has been exploring eco-friendly building materials and methods. South Korea is at the forefront of this trend, particularly in the use of wood as a primary construction material. A recent workshop held by Space Factory, a company specializing in manufacturing wooden modular houses, demonstrates the importance of wood in construction and the crucial role of Canada Wood Korea in supporting the industry.

The two-day workshop for its 80 employees, featuring a seminar by Canada Wood on the first day provided an overview of the wooden construction industry in Korea, offering valuable insights into materials, design, and construction aspects of wooden buildings. Canada Wood Korea’s technical support and training have been instrumental in Space Factory’s development and production of sustainable wooden modular homes.

The workshop served to dispel misconceptions and prejudices surrounding wood as a building material. Some attendees acknowledged that the lecture prompted them to reconsider their views on wood-based construction. Space Factory’s president, Kwak Dong-wook, praised the seminar’s impact, stating that the employees’ engagement was so high that it could be considered the workshop’s highlight. He also expressed gratitude for instilling a sense of pride in the wood construction industry among the employees.

Space Factory currently produces approximately 400 wooden modular houses per year. With the completion of a new factory by the end of this year, the company expects to manufacture more than three times that number of modular homes.

As more companies like Space Factory adopt wood as a primary construction material, the potential for wood-based construction to become a driving force in South Korea’s construction industry grows. The economic implications of this shift are numerous, with the possibility of increased demand for wood products, the creation of new jobs, and an overall reduction in the environmental impact of the construction sector.

Canada Wood Korea’s office will continue to provide technical assistance and training to Space Factory, supporting the company’s efforts to produce sustainable wooden modular homes in the country. This partnership highlights the value of Canada-Korea collaboration in promoting sustainable construction methods and the potential for wood-based construction to become a transformative force in the industry.