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Canada Wood lights up China’s top housing industry EXPO

Su Yu

By Su Yu

Director, Government Relations, FII China

November 18, 2019

Canada Wood China (CW China) recently made a strong case for wood-frame construction technology at the China International Exhibition of Housing Industry (CIEHI-EXPO) on November 7, 2019. The Expo is supervised by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development (MOHURD) and is the most influential annual building Expo in China since 2001. CW China first participated in the EXPO in 2005, and this year marks the 14th year of its co-operation with EXPO organizers.

A forum with the theme of Modern Wood Construction in the context of Industrialisation and Prefabrication was organised by CW China during the EXPO and received great support from the China Real Estate Association and the Science and Technology and Industrialization Development Center of MOHURD. Both Invited guest speakers and Canada Wood’s staff, sending out strong messaging that wood is an ideal prefabricated solution for China’s construction market, which is in alignment with China’s ambitions for realising targeted goals of green development and industrialised construction.


More than 100 representatives from the Chinese Government, SOE’s, and the construction industry – including renowned real estate developers such as Greenland, Beiijng Capital Land, Huayuan Properties, and the Gold Common Group attended the forum. Mr. Chen Yiming, Deputy President & Secretary General of the China Real Estate Association and Former Chief Engineer of MOHURD (2015 to 2019) , opened the forum by expressing strong advocacy for WFC.

Mr. Chen said, “During President Xi Jinping ‘s visit to the recent China International Imports Exhibition (CIIE), he visited a wood structured public service center in Shanghai…this headline news made the construction industry proud and intent on more applications of wood structures for China’s public facilities. We hope China Real Estate Association will co-operate with CW China further to advance wood constructions in China.” Ms. Wen Linfeng, the Deputy Director of Science and Technology and Industrialization Development Center of MOHURD, echoed his comments, “In other countries, wood-frame constructions are developing very fast…China’s commitment in developing green building, industrialisation and prefabrication is creating good opportunities for developing wood construction.”

Green development, industrialised construction and prefabrication were the main topics of this year’s EXPO. More than 700 companies attended the event. CW China was invited by the EXPO organizers to stage an exhibition booth that showcased state-of-art Canadian WFC technologies, such as Tall Wood CLT Building Technology and Prefabricated Wood/Concrete hybrid solutions. The EXPO presented another good opportunity to heighten WFC’s influence among government and industry stakeholders and was conducive to advancing cooperative programs with the Chinese government.