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Canada Wood Participates in Osaka 2025 Round Table with Forestry Agency

Shawn Lawlor

By Shawn Lawlor

Managing Director, Canada Wood Japan

March 5, 2019

On February 18th, Canada Wood’s Shawn Lawlor participated in a round table discussion hosted by the Japan Forestry Agency Director General Kouji Makimoto and members of the Osaka Prefectural Lumber Federation. The round table was a brain storming session to discuss possible opportunities for wood design in the Osaka 2025 World Expo. Discussions were led by Mr. Ushio Tsuda, Chair of the Osaka Prefectural Lumber Federation. Mr. Tsuda recounted that British Columbia participated with a massive wooden pavilion in the Osaka World Fair last held in 1970 and encouraged Canadian stakeholders to actively participate in the 2025 Osaka World Fair. Canada Wood presented briefly on trends in global wooden construction and indicated our willingness to collaborate further with Japanese government and industry stakeholders on the Osaka 2025 World Expo.